Association assessments (dues) are currently $125/quarter* and due on the first day of January, April, July & October. 

* Residents in The Heights pay an additional $125/quarter for private streets & gates.

Fees and Penalties

There is a 14-day grace period to allow for payment delays and bank processing, however, interest will accrue after the 15th of each month at a rate of 18% APY.  Administrative and legal fees may be applied to accounts over 60-days past due. 

Please contact FirstService Residential Austin to discuss your Association account

or to make payment arrangements

Assessment Collection Procedure

30 Days Delinquent:

A 'First Notice Letter' will be sent to property owner. Interest accrues. 


60 Days Delinquent:

A 'Second Notice Letter' is sent via regular and certified mail (pursuant to Texas Property Code) notifying owner of potential collection costs, and intent to forward to attorney for collection action if account is not paid in full within 30 days. Interest accrues and a $25.00 administrative fee (to offset the certified mail expense) is applied to the account.

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90 Days Delinquent: 


A 'Final Notice Letter' is sent via regular and certified mail (pursuant to Texas Property Code) by Association Attorney. Letter explains that a Notice of Lien will be filed if payment is not received within thirty days of this notice. An initial legal fee of $250.00 is assessed to the owners’ account. 



120 Days Delinquent:


If account is not paid in full or payment plan is not negotiated, an affidavit of lien is prepared by attorney and filed with County Clerk’s office for recording.



150 Days Delinquent:


The Association attorney shall send an 'Intent to File Suit Notice' notifying owner of the lien amount and all related collection fees, attorney's fees, interest, and penalties. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, a suit will be filed.